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    Feature, 100 min., color, in Co-production with DE

    • Director: Gabriel Baur
    • Screenplay: Gabriel Baur, Stephan Schönholtz
    • Script Consultant: Wojciech Marczewski
    • Sreenplay supported by: Das Bundesamt für Kultur,
      die Filmstiftung Zürich, Succes Cinema,
      Kuratorium des Kanton Aargau and ONIX.


    Lea and David are looking forward to their first child. As a woman of today Lea wants everything – to be successful in her career, as a caring mother and a loving partner. David wants that, too, and their surroundings expects them to perform at their best anyway. But instead of fulfilling the high demands, the two fall deeper and deeper into fights and crisis. AMOUR FOU IN PROCESS is a tragic-comical love and generation-overlapping family-story, a taboo-free, touching and amusing film about having children and what happens when a couple of love becomes a couple of parents.